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Photos by Kevin Sackenheim
Mary Glynn Hendricks, Daughter Jayme, and Jamie Grady

Who is GHI Market

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At GHI Market, we believe great homes are more than the latest gadgets and fashion trends.

Great homes are about the experience your family and friends share within it.  Your personality is unique and the items found in one’s home should reflect your individual style. This collection has been chosen for their quality and timeless aesthetic. We are sure you will find just the right items that will complement your unique personality.

Over the years we have gathered these items to use in a myriad of ways, some of which have been placed in our homes others found along life’s travels. In each of these items we’ve recognized a special quality, whether in their construction, function, age, or appearance.  With GHI Market we share our passion for procuring special items and uncovering those unique finds. No two items are the same and generally there is only one in our collection. If you like something today, it may not be there tomorrow.

We hope you enjoy your time browsing through our virtual shelves as we have sharing them with you.

Our Full Disclosure Pledge
As most of the items sold at GHI Market are previously owned we are careful to point out any imperfections that may cause concern for buyers.  Under each item’s description we will list a full disclosure (FD) of scratches, dings, and other imperfections so you know exactly what will be delivered to your door.  We appreciate that you read the disclosure fully as there are no misunderstandings upon receiving your delivery.
Local Pickup and Delivery Policy

In an effort to keep shipping costs to a minimum GHI Market offers local pickup and delivery options for those costumers within a given radius of our warehouse. 

Local Pickup:  A GHI Market staff member will be in contact to arrange this service. Please note that some items may not be immediately available to pickup after purchase.  
Local Delivery: a 58 cent round trip mileage fee will be applied to all local deliveries with a minimum fee of $10 per delivery. A GHI Market staff member will be in contact to arrange delivery.