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Mary Glynn Hendricks, Daughter Jayme, and Jamie Grady

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When Mary Glynn Hendricks purchased a family flooring business in 1980, she had dreams of her business becoming a full-service interior design and floor covering business. Forty years later, what was then a dream is now a fixture in the interior design, floor covering, and construction community. While working with clients on their interior designs Mary Glynn began an independent antique business with locations in Atlanta and Savannah. As Glynn Hendricks Interiors grew her antique business had to be shuttered. There simply was not enough time in the day to do both.

Now with the help of the internet, Mary Glynn, her daughter Jayme, and their colleague Jamie Grady, are able to bring together their collective experience and expertise in bringing you these wonderful items. They look forward to serving you and bringing you the best they can curate.

Buddha Statue
Handcrafted by

Handcrafted by furniture artisan Ed Willis of Fitzgerald, Georgia

Inspired by

Inspired by the only Georgia cellaret documented to the maker in Upson County c. 1810.

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What is a Cellaret?

A cellarette or cellaret is a small furniture cabinet, used to store bottles of alcoholic beverages such as wine or whiskey.

Where is the Original?

The original was acquired by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta